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The Art & The Manner
by Valerie Salessy

My background: passionate about art and art history, I, after a first professional life in a company, resumed studies in art history (I graduated from the first cycle of the School of Louvre, a Masters in art history from Paris IV - Sorbonne University, holder of the national lecturer exam).


The desire to share this incredibly rich material led me to found, in 2012, L'Art & la Manière.


Since then, I have been designing, presenting and organizing conference visits in a wide variety of contexts and on a wide variety of subjects (presentation of a large number of Parisian exhibitions, themed visits, tailor-made visits and conferences for companies and individuals, event evenings, evenings and visits VIP, cultural cafes).


This experience has just been enriched by an expatriation of more than two years in Germany.


My conception of cultural visits: my visits are aimed at individuals thanks to an à la carte program, private groups and companies. For me, a visit is a subtle balance between rich and varied content and a moment of conviviality. An exhibition visit is not a simple succession of paintings to be described, it is a story, with a common thread: it is this thread that I want to unfold, this story that I like to decipher and share, tell


With tireless curiosity, I endeavor to offer constantly renewed visits and conferences and original subjects. We talk about art, art history, the life of the artist, the time and the context of creation… and each visit is different because each audience is different!

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