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Guided tours of exhibitions and museums, conferences and videoconferences: the services of L'Art & la Manière are aimed at individuals and private groups in a personal, associative or professional setting.


L'Art & la Manière designs its tailor-made tours, tour programs and conferences.


Imagined as a balance between a rich and varied content and a moment of conviviality, our visits are conceived as a story: an exhibition is not a simple succession of paintings to be described but has a purpose with a common thread. It is this thread that we unroll together, this story that we decipher, tell and share. We talk about art, art history, the life of the artist, the time and the context of creation… and each visit is different because each audience is different!


L'Art & la Manière also takes care of the organization of your visit or your conference (which can take place on your premises or in the form of a videoconference), whether it is a visit with friends, '' an associative group or a professional event (teambuilding, events, etc.). Also consult us for the organization of your events.


For information or reservations: look for inspiration in our catalogs below or ask us for a tailor-made creation by contacting us by email or phone.

Image de Margot RICHARD
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